Everything about the steel and aluminium market


We are the only publishing company describing the Polish metallurgic industry so extensively, thoroughly and professionally.

We provide information about the production, processing and distribution of CARBON STEELS, STAINLESS STEELS and ALUMINIUM.

Our publications

  • Nowa Stal – a quarterly devoted to the Polish stainless steel and aluminium industry.
  • Annual report on the aluminium industry – accompanies the December issue of the Nowa Stal magazine.
  • Annual report on the stainless steel industry – accompanies the March issue of the Nowa Stal magazine.
  • Stalowe Forum – a quarterly devoted to the carbon steel market, published in cooperation with the Polish Association of Steel Stockholders (Polska Unia Dystrybutorów Stali, PUDS).
  • Annual PUDS report – a publication summarizing the current standing of the carbon steel distribution and processing market, prepared in cooperation with the Polish Association of Steel Stockholders.
  • We are also responsible for the daily provision of information for the portal – the best source of information about the Polish steel distribution and processing market.

The annual circulation of our publications is ca. 35,000 copies. We reach the representatives of companies whose total annual revenues amount to PLN 50,000,000,000.


Studies and analyses

Wydawnictwo Prasowe AML Press dynamically develops its analytical activities. Commissioned by our clients, we conduct studies of the carbon steels, stainless steels and aluminium market.

We provide reliable information including the size and value of individual sectors, companies operating in them, current standing and trends; our experts prepare forecasts and indicate market niches worth developing. We help in making business decisions.



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